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Cinema 4D

Learn Motion Graphic Design in Cinema 4D by challenging myself to do at least one project every week during COVID-19 limitations.


April 1, 2020 marks the day that I have started a challenge: Learn Motion Graphic Design in Cinema 4D. I want to make at least one project every week during COVID-19 limitations.

This page is updated with every project. Starting at day one, all the way to day ?? 

Let’s go!

Day 1: Sjoelbak

Sjoelen is part of Dutch folklore. During the COVID-19 crisis, everyone is asked to be inside as much as possible. I think that there has been a lot of ‘sjoelings’ in the past weeks, to kill some time. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sjoelbak. So I decided to make one in Cinema 4D. My first project and the start of my challenge!

My first ever Cinema 4D project: A real digital sjoelbak

Day 2: Marble Track Race

When I was little, building a marble track was one of the most fun things to do. The perfect solution to a rainy day. Building the track was nice, but the race itself was even nicer.

I wanted to create a marble track in Cinema 4d. And what’s a marble track without a race? 

Pick your color and enjoy the ride.

A marble track. Pick your favourite marble and start the race!

Day 3: Football

Let me start off by saying that I do not like football at all. I like being outdoors and exercise, however football is just not the sport for me.

But, designing a football from scratch seemed like a nice project for the early days of learning Cinema 4D.

The visuals on the football are from an artwork of Olle Eksell, one of my favourite graphic designers. If you are not familiar with him, I’d recommend you to check his work.

Why make one football, when you can make A LOT OF FOOTBALLS?

Not one, not two, but maybe thousands of identical footballs! Press play to make them go completely wild!

Day 4: Kinetic Typography

In the upcoming months, I want to learn more about kinetic typography.

So, I made a really simple but fun animation to start with. It’s done with help from a YouTube tutorial. This animation was made within 30 minutes. I am amazed how powerful Cinema 4D is.

Today also marked the first day of making a render of my work. The short animation below took 1 hour and 23 minutes to render. 

Kinetic Typography

Day 5: Wavy Hockney

Today it was time to make something wavy and abstract. I wanted to learn more about continuous animations and the theory behind it. Therefore I created this wavy loop.

Or, at least, I tried creating a loop. In Cinema 4D, everything is set as supposed. However, the render is not a loop. I have been trying for three hours to get it right. But today might not be the day I think.

Yeah, this was supposed to be a loop. The image is from a painting from David Hockney. 

Day 6: Inverse Kinematics

There are two types of kinematics: 1. Forward Kinematics and 2. Inverse Kinematics.

The first type is very labourly if you want to animate, therefore, it’s recommended to learn how to create Inverse Kinematics. 

The video below shows a simple mechanical system with a ball on top (the world woohoo). I’m not too fond about the animation but it was fun to learn about kinematics.

Inverse Kinematics press play to see how it works.

Day 7: Fluffy Ball

I wasn’t too happy with the ball / Earth I made yesterday and I wanted to make something FLUFFY.

Learned about dynamic hair in Cinema 4D.

Lot’s of fun. There is still lot’s too approve but there is also a lot of time to do that!

This room needed some fluffiness!

Day 8: Circling Spiral

Today was all about doing a recap of past learning sessions. I tried to combine a couple of exercises. 


Also, I tried adding a couple more camera’s to the scene and make a smooth transition between the shots. The latter did not go too well unfortunately.

A circling spiral with…. press play to find out!

Day 9: Character from scratch, with UV Mapping

It has been a couple of days since I posted something. But I did not do nothing! I was busy with a slightly bigger project and had a couple of trial and errors. 

I started a tutorial to make a character from scratch. In the forthcoming days the character will be animated.

It has been a couple of days since I posted something. But I did not do nothing! I was busy with a slightly bigger project and had a couple of trial and errors. 

I started a tutorial to make a character from scratch. In the forthcoming days the character will be animated.

Day 10: Made myself some glasses

I wanted the character I am making to resemble me. So it needed some glasses. I have see through glasses from Ace & Tate which I reconstructed. It came out quite nice. 

Be aware that there are no lights & backgrounds in the scene and therefore the render doesn’t look too good.

Made a character from scratch. I am trying to make it resemble me so there is still lots of work to do.

Day 11: Grew a beard!

Two weeks ago I got a buzz cut. Therefore the long hair I grew over the last 26 years is now gone. Good for me since that makes it a lot easier to recreate in Cinema 4D.

Today I grew a beard and eyebrows, now it looks a lot more like me. I also did some overall enhancements & tried rendering the scene. Not too happy with the render but it’s okay for today.

Tomorrow it’s time to get this buddy animated!

Not too happy with the render since the shading is a bit blurry.

Day 12: Tiny jump

Okay, so the last couple of days I have been working hard on my character. Built from scratch. Going through a lot of tutorials on various subjects.

The ‘final’ part was rigging the character, give it the proper joints it needs.

Damn, that is pretty difficult! I made a couple of mistakes so it doesn’t look to good unfortunately.

Also, this tiny jump my character makes looks very easy. But there are a lot of techniques behind it.

Tiny jump for man, giant jump for mankind?

Tiny jump!

Day 13: Party hat!

It’s my birthday today. So I made a cute party hat. Ain’t that festive?

Can’t wait to start a new project tomorrow, I want to dive into organic animation. Flowers, plants, nature. 

Party hard!


I like nature, I like flowers. In the upcomings days I want to recreate nature in Cinema 4D. Today I made flowers. I hope you like them. 

Yellow flowers


I am always captivated by photographs where nature and mirrors are combined. So, I decided to add a mirror to the previous scene. What’s a mirror without the sun?

Just a mirror. So I added the sun as wel. Not the most perfect render but it’s getting better each day so I am not complaining!

Sun and flowers but no sunflowers


I came across a tutorial from the founder of GreyscaleGorilla. They have a huge database of tutorials on motion design. 


The tutorial is titled: 24 speed hacks every new C4D artist should know. With help of an example animation I learned a LOT of really nice and useful tips on rendering, animation and automation.

Party hard!


Today I had some fun creating a short deep sea animation. I grew some coral. It took me about 2 hours to create this animation.

Rendering took me 25 minutes.



Cinema 4D is great since you can create things that look almost real (if you are good…)

However, it’s also fun to start experimenting with Sketch & Toon. That’s what I did today. Looks pretty bad to be honest, but room for improvement, I guess!

Sketch & Toon

This page will be updated regurarly

Let’s create today for tomorrow’s planet.