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Redesign an overly complex marketing platform, used by independent Dutch opticians.


French-Italian EssilorLuxottica, global leader in the world of lenses, frames and sunglasses, wanted to redesign a portal. 

The portal is being used by Dutch opticians to order, amongst other things, nationwide Marketing Campaigns.

The portal does not have one main purpose. One can do a lot of different things within the portal. 

Opticians find the portal to be very complex and therefore rarely make use of it.

Instead, they call EssilorLuxottica, to order the campaigns for them, which costs a lot of extra manpower.

It’s about time to change that.

This project is very big and complex and therefore it is quite difficult for me to present it to you in bite-size pieces. 

Below you can find some of the biggest insights of the research I did and the Low-Fidelity UI design of the new portal.


It took me a couple of hours and a lot of calls to understand the purpose of the portal. 

The UX and user flows of the portal were really strange and unintuitive. That’s even an understatement.

There was lot’s of work to do!

The ‘old’ Portal by EssilorLuxottica, used by Dutch Opticians

When researching the portal this are the most important insights:

  • There is no hierarchy throughout the portal. The opticians cannot see what is the most important when visiting the portal.

  • There is an overload of information on every page.

  • There are a lot of sub-sub-sub-pages which makes the user flow difficult.

  • Pages have multiple purposes, this makes it difficult to choose what to do on what page.


The biggest improvement of the redesign is that the core of the portal is now clear and visible.

Functions that are less important are also made less visible. But, when needed, they are easy to find.

The ‘new’ portal, which is currently in the User Testing phase.

The portal is currently being user tested, insights gained during those tests will be adopted before implementing the portal.

Please visit this link to view the other Sketch Artboards. Keep in mind, this is still a Low-Fidelity Design.

Let’s create today for tomorrow’s planet.

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