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How to improve the existing website of Proefdiervrij, with the goal of converting more people to donate?


Proefdiervrij is the Dutch Society for the replacement of Animal-Testing.

The goal of the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing is to replace animal experiments. They try to achieve this by stimulating the development of animal free research through positive collaboration with scientists, politicians and society.

Proefdiervrij contacted the team at Van Ons B.V. to think about ways to convert more people to donate through their website.

User Testing

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 16.56.50


Low-hanging fruit

During a Usability Test, you collect a lot of data. This data is analyzed and the low-hanging fruit can be picked. It is useful to find the low-hanging fruit that will have the biggest impact on both the user and the organization.

A list of 38 insights has been gathered, we started with implementing the ones that would have the most impact.


One of the insights gained during the Usability Test was that the initial user flow to make a donation is more complicated than both Proefdiervrij and we thought.  Luckily, with some minor tweaks we could improve the user experience on making a donation a lot.

Let’s create today for tomorrow’s planet.

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