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Redesign an outdated and clunky form. Get rid of annoyances for both the (potential) customer and the employee. 


Swedish Automobile manufacturer Volvo Cars contacted me to help with a project. 

A big part of the target audience of Volvo visits events like the Dutch KLM Open golf tournament. Apart from being the official car supplier for the tournament, Volvo is present with a showroom of brand new models. 

(Potential) customers  can show interest in one of the models by filling in a form. The form is presented by a Volvo employee, on an iPad. However, unlike the brand new Volvo cars, the form is very outdated and clunky. 

Volvo contacted me to redesign that form, make it intuitive, simple and Volvo worthy.


After seeing the old form, a lot became clear to me. But, I wanted to ask a couple of Volvo employees who worked with the form about their experiences with it.

I scheduled a quick call with three employees and gained really useful information.

The form Volvo used at events, in Dutch

Insights gained from employees & own research:

  • The form is not in line with the Volvo Brand Identity.

  • Employees must always enter their own name first, before they can enter the information of the client. That is unnecessary, since there is one iPad for every employee present at the event.

  • There are three options a client can choose: 1. Opt-in Volvo Newsletter; 2. Book a test drive; 3. Request quote. When a (potential) customers wants do choose multiple options, the form needs restart and everything needs to be filled in again.


I got to be honest with you, it is not the most exciting form in the world. However, there was a lot of room for improvement. Which made me really excited to get started with the redesign.

Below you can find the new form, which is currently being used by Volvo Cars.

Please click on this link to visit the interactive Sketch Prototype. You can see the user flow and the intuitive UX when someone wants to fill in multiple options. 

Also, you can take a look at the video below.


The form Volvo used at events, in Dutch

The Volvo fleet

Volvo has a pretty extensive fleet of beautiful cars. However, not all cars can be present during the event.

Therefore I designed a page which will show when a (potential) customer wants to choose a model for a test drive or a quote request.

Let’s take a look below.

Let’s create today for tomorrow’s planet.

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